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With a Track Record of Success

If you’ve received an audit notice from the IRS, you want an experienced Tax Attorney to advocate for you. Kevin Courtney has successfully resolved tax matters for his clients since 1978 when he became licensed to practice before the United States Tax Court.

Kevin works closely with clients, their general attorneys, in-house controllers or CPA in resolving tax issues. He assists at every stage – audit, post audit, appellate conferee or Tax Court. That means your case won’t be handed off to a junior lawyer. You will receive Kevin’s full attention and benefit from his in-depth knowledge of tax law.

Attorney For Civil And Criminal Tax Cases

Kevin represents clients in civil and criminal tax fraud cases. These include offshore and unreported or under-reported income at all levels. A skilled negotiator, he gets a better outcome for his clients.

As your tax attorney, Kevin will consult strategically on your behalf. He will negotiate with the Internal Revenue Service or try the case before the United States Tax Court in San Francisco should it come to that. He also appears regularly on tax matters before the 9th and 11th Circuit Courts of Appeal.


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Success Stories

As the lead counsel in RACMP v. Commissioner, Kevin received a favorable decision in an “en banc” Tax Court matter.  That seminal case resulted in a change in the accounting rules for construction companies.

In a series of Green Team/Green Waste cases against the IRS involving approximately $40 M in the sale of municipal waste management contracts, he achieved favorable rulings for his clients in all instances.

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